Studio Sunday - Not the Expected

Here we are at Sunday once again!  I have to laugh at myself because I sat in my studio until midnight last night completely blocked after my screen printing session.  Yes, I know it happens and it stinks.  However, I have learned that you can't stop playing no matter what.  Things/ideas will start to come together if you push forward.  So here I am still in my p.j.'s and I haven't touched my freshly screen printed fabrics, but instead, pushed a few doodles to their ultimate limit.  Using my usual process by layering my images in PE7, I produced this beautiful, rich design in a tile format that makes me want to print it all over 84" curtains that I can make for my bedroom!!!  I don't have enough ink-jet printer fabric so that project will have to wait until I order some fabric on Spoonflower!  For now, I'm focusing on a smaller project - a shoulder bag :)

Check this out!  If you are interested in how I achieve this design, feel free to contact me or post a comment here and I will share my steps.  This doodle:

Layered with a frequently used journal page (a variety of steps here) led to this design:

Which led to this design:

So I have printed this twice to TAP and will transfer both to fabric for the bag front and back!  I'm loving this!  So as long as you continue to push yourself to be creative through a block, you ultimately get somewhere with your art work. 

Check back this week for the constructed bag!  Who knows - maybe even tonight!
I hope you are having a creative weekend yourself!


Celia said…
I would love to know how you did this - I like the idea of combining disparate but very personal elements.
Margaret Applin said…
Hi Celia! Have you created with Photoshop Elements before?
HollyM said…
I love the design you doodled and then produced on the computer. I'm not that computer savvy though, and I don't have any programs on my very old computer that would do that.
Maybe when I upgrade.
Donna B said…
I LOVE this design Margaret!