Scaling Down-New Fabric-New Screens

Wow how time flies!!!  I certainly thought I would post mid-week but that didn't happen.  But believe me, the ideas have been flowing!  I ran up to Friends Fabric Art this morning to make some new Thermofax screens for some new ideas that I have.  Anne is always so accommodating to me and it is always a pleasure to see their studio and check out all the supplies for sale. 

So today, I have spent the afternoon duct-taping screens and printing to fabric and paper with them.  These new designs are scaled way down.  I'm used to pushing the size to the largest limits possible, but my new ideas have me creating some very small patterns.  I'm super excited about these new designs (and of course, I could come up with a thousand more)!  I really need my own machine :(

So using some of my old gelatin monoprints, I screen printed over them with these new smaller patterns and I think I have successfully revived the monoprints.  This one above is an example.  The next one was painted fabric that I screened over.  It's much more interesting now!

Then I went for my scrap bag!  I grabbed a handful of decent sized scraps and laid them all out together and screen printed over a few at a time randomly.  Of course, my "random" is slightly conservative at this point.  I usually jump right in to "overboard" mode but this time I hung back a little.  LESS IS MORE :)

How about a little painted batting??  And lots of strips of hand-dyed fabrics I purchased at a quilt show a few years ago.  These adorable little swirls are hand-drawn doodles laid out on an 8 x 10 inch screen.  Really cute!

So now is the big test - putting the rest of my ideas in motion.  Check back tomorrow for some results (hopefully)!!!

Happy screenprinting!!!


I see some fun new designs!