Quilting Arts Gifts Issue and Jackie Cardy Originals

I'm still cleaning up my studio from my trip to Cleveland but exciting things keep happening here!  I got home to find two fabulous Gifts in my mailbox that I wanted to share.  First, I am proud to say that I finally own a Jackie Cardy original!!!  These pieces are even more amazing to look at in person as I drool over the hand-made felt and cool stitched designs!  Thank you, thank you, Jackie!  I am brewing ideas for that beautiful heart!!

My second Gift was actually my complimentary issues of Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine - Holiday 2011 - 2012!!!!  Check my work out on pages 84-87.  The project includes a free doodled flower image for personal use.

There is a lot of cleaning and organizing left to do here this weekend but I intend on jumping into some new artwork!  I had an art play date scheduled today with a good friend of mine, Claire, but she had an unexpected death in her family.  I'm sending my deepest sympathies to Claire and her family at this time.

Have an artful weekend!