Published in Quilting Arts Magazine Again!

I got home this afternoon and had a few packages waiting for me!  I love it!  It feels like my birthday!  The first package was the newest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine with my most recent article in it!!!  My article begins on page 56.  Check it out when you get it!  As usual, it is filled with amazing work by amazing artists!

My second package contained the Quilting Arts TV Series 800!!  Woohoo!  I can't wait to receive my copy of the Series 900 which will include me, but probably won't surface until next year.  Series 800 is also filled with over-the-top eye candy and plenty of great techniques and projects.  Terry White and Diane Rusin Doran, who I met when I was in Cleveland taping, are also on the Series 800.  I may have to watch the entire series all the way through tonight!

The third package was from Terri Stegmiller from 3 Creative Studios.  I won some great stuff participating in the Color Palette Challenge for August.  I can't wait to use the Misty Fuse, Transdoodle and Roc-lon Multi-Purpose Cloth.  I haven't used any of these before so it will be great!  I also won one of Terri's quilted composition book covers in the most beautiful fall tones.  Perfect to use right now!  (Thanks Terri!)

So as you can see, I am definitely starting the weekend off right!  It's going to be rainy most of the weekend here in the northeast but it won't be raining in my studio!!!!  Check back on Sunday for my weekend update.


I saw your project in my new copy of the Christmas Gifts, Margaret! Love the colorway in it, but especially the mix of patterns. Lovely.
Can't wait to get my QA issue so I can see your article!
Adrian said…
Congratulations on all the goodies and all the hard work you put into getting them. I'm sure you are beeming with joy and I am so happy for you. Have a wonderful time in your studio this weekend.