Studio Sunday

My days are being filled with stitching, screen-printing, and digital design.  So much so, I don't remember the last time I watched a TV show.  My hubby is being very patient :)  As I look around at my studio today, there are piles and more piles and every time I need to do something, I have to move a pile!  My studio is the second bedroom of my apartment and it is filled!!  Very soon I will have to do a major clean-up.  It actually feels good to reorganize everything and put things back in their places. 

I've been finishing up some things for 3 Creative Studios and then will need to focus these last two weeks on preparing for QA TV!  Here is an image I created by tracing one of my flower photos that I also made into a Thermofax screen for printing.  I can't release this one yet for sale yet, but I can still show it.  Today, I free-motion stitched over the image onto fabric and the next step is to add a little beading and incorporate it into a pillow I am making. 

BTW, I am falling in love with linen. As the summer season moves on out, I'm going to need to purchase some extra before it's gone from the stores. I love the "naturalness" of it.  Some of the images I am working with currently are of a beach theme and the linen goes so well with the blues and whites.  I'm sure at some point it was considered "the new white".  The weight of it varies, but for the most part, it is very easy to sew on.  The one drawback is the weave.  Sometimes the fabric is too loosely woven and it will stretch and lose it's shape, but the color of it and how well it goes with other colors always win me over.

As if I dont' have enough to focus on right now, I just signed up for Lesley Riley's Artist Success Action Program (ASAP) course.  I love the directly that Lesley has taken with her coaching and I think now would be a good time for me to put everything in perspective related to what I want from my art and a creative career.  I'm so looking forward to the program!!!

If anyone knows a good source for linen, let me know!