Studio Sunday

Well, it sure is good to be back to my regular Studio Sunday post!  First, I have exciting news!!!  My digital artwork is being displayed on Create Mixed Media as THIS WEEK AS ART as Visualized by ME!!!  Check it out, it's a week of hearts and it will be up all week!

Next up?  I've been really busy working on videos!!  Yes, I said videos!!  They will be featured on 3 Creative Studios beginning August 15th, so if you are not a member yet, sign up for their Newsletter and jump on board!  You can participate monthly in the Color Palette Challenge and Journal Art Quilt Challenge and more.  Don't forget about all their free projects!

Here is a sneak peak of one of my samples..

I've got to jump back in it as I still have plenty to do before August.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!  I'm still as pale as a ghost!  I'm going to need a fake tan before the 23rd!!!