ETSY Shop is Up and Running!!!!!

Well, I finally did it!  I have loaded up a huge selection of Thermofax Screens for sale as well as some of my original art work from my Scrap Wisdom Collage article in Quilting Arts Magazine's October/November 2008 Issue.  These journal art quilts mean a lot to me because they were the result of my first ever article created from the creative energy and artistic high that I was on after returning from ArtFest in 2008.  But, it's time to let them go and make more room for new artwork.

[What I would give to go back to ArtFest again!!  If you can only go once, GO!!!  There is nothing on this earth like it!  Thank you Teesha Moore!!!]

Check out the Thermofax screens if you get a chance!  I've been having a lot of fun working with these and you can be sure I will share more on that later!

I'm working hard this long weekend in my studio and I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend with sun and cookouts and swimming.  Here is a shot of one of my mini quilts in process! 


Congrats on your new shop. Everything in it looks fantastic. Love your designs!
Margaret Applin said…
Thanks Terri! How's your journal quilt coming????
Silke Scheller said…
Dear Margaret,
congratulations for starting up your Etsy-Shop!
Could you explain to me how these thermo-frames work? They look very interesting to me.
Have a nice day,