Back to reality!

I'm back!  It feels like forever since I last posted.  The downtime was absolutely necessary to recover from the wedding plans and preparations.  Maine was so beautiful.  Thank goodness it had cooled off on the day of the wedding so that I could put my make-up on, roll hot rollers in my hair, and put on layers of polyester and nylon.  Of course, there was no A/C at the reception so I melted anyway.

The day was perfect and the food fantastic and the flowers and the pictures.  It was made even more special by Charleen Wiseman conducting the ceremony!  Charleen, recovering from numerous surgeries due to cancer, pushed herself to be there for me to conduct my ceremony and it couldn't have meant more to me.  Charleen is a quilt artist, I had come to find out, and I felt connected to her in more than one way.  We shared the love of Castine as well as fiber art.  Visit her blog here !!  I am still thinking of how to thank her for her gift to me by being there for us.

Here are a couple of photos to share with you. 

Just before I left for Maine, I met with Pokey Bolton and Ellen Seeburger of Quilting Arts Magazine to deliver artwork for my article in the upcoming October/November issue.  I can't share all the details yet, but I have been invited by them...........

Oh, what a tease I am!  As I know more, I will share :)  PROMISE!!!