Anyone got a time machine???

Does anyone have 24 hours I can borrow?  If I had known in January what I know now (how busy the month of July was going to be for me), I would have run!  Well, maybe walked fast in another direction :)  It wouldn't be so bad if other people didn't need so much from me right now.  You know how that goes, I'm sure.  I have tonight and Sunday to complete a full-page of tasks in the studio.  I apologize for not posting my usual Studio Sunday last week but this is how it's been going.  I promise to get back on track soon!

I'm totally excited about my new Thermofax screens on ETSY!  I've had a number of sales already.  But, what's even more exiciting is to see Terri Stegmiller using one of my originals in her current Twelve by Twelve group color play challenge!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!!  Check out her posting HERE!

I am working on my June Color Palette Challenge for 3 Creative Studios.  Here is a picture of how far I have gotten.  I had been painting some fabric and the colors of this one closely match the palette so I decided to work with it.  I screen-printed one of my new designs over the top in the darkest tone.  But, I have been looking at it for days and it just won't speak back to me.  I'm waiting for that little light bulb to go off over my head.  Of course, I have been know to start over completely.

Check back later for my Studio Sunday post!  Have a great weekend!