My husband bought me the most adorable little flowers yesterday and guess what I did right away???  Take pictures, of course, from every angle I could!  Looking at the photos tonight, I think of how amazing this little plant is.  From the three perspectives I've provided here, you would almost think they were three entirely different plants. 

I love the underneath perspective because the stems are more visible and they create a sense of strength and growth and reaching high like it is in motion.

Looking at the second perspective, they almost look like little tulips.  For some reason I keep thinking pumpkins, maybe because they look like those little pumpkin candy corns that you see around Halloween.
Then looking at this wonderful third view, I seen an entirely different flower, different petal shapes that become visible as the flower presses wide open in full glory. This little flower plant fascinates me and I'm not getting tired of looking at all the perspectives.


Oh how beautiful they are! Do you know what they are?