Mini Quilts

Well, it took me a while but here is the sneak peek I promised yesterday.  I'm working on a series of 8 x 8 mini quilts that I'm going to make into a book.  This pic is one using a digital background I created in PE printed to fabric along with some free-motion stitching.  The appliqued pieces are from my Big Stash Bag of Little Pieces or "BSBLP".  (Figured I might as well give the bag a name since it is taking up so much of my studio floorspace.)  LOL  Yes, I know, I've probably spent a little too much time in the studio lately :)))

Back to the artwork.  It needs more, as do the other 10 mini quilts I'm working on at the same time.  I'll reveal a little more every day.  This project started by submitting my "This Week as Art" images for the Create Mixed Media site.  I was invited to participate the weekly posting for the week of July 10th - 16th so be sure to check out my heart-themed digital images.  Those designs led me to expand on my digital graffiti images on fabric, of course, to create into a fiber art book.  I can't promise miracles but I'm hoping it eventually looks very COOL!

One of my goals this summer is to come up with a couple of really different projects.  Not your usual projects.  (Fiber art books are not one of them.)  I've got to do a little experimenting but have good plans in mind.  I'll provide more later.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to my Maine trip this weekend to meet with my florist, officiant, photographer, restaurant owner and possibly a hairdresser to prepare for my beach-side wedding ceremony and reception in July.  It's a lot to balance right now, but I am a multi-tasker!!  I'll post more this week.  Enjoy!