Back to the Studio

Well, it feels good to be back home after my 10+ hour roadtrip this weekend.  I'm happy to say that I acomplished everything that I needed to up in Maine, that is after I replaced the battery in my car!!!!  Saturday morning, I got up early as usual and all I wanted was a nice big cup of coffee.  My intent was to jump in the car and drive down the road quick to pick up coffee and a bagel.  Imagine my surprise when my car was dead!  Thank goodness for AAA and Mark's Garage in Stockton Springs.  If you ever have car trouble in the Belfast, Searsport, Bucksport or Castine areas of Maine, call Mark!!!  Mark's Garage, 578 US Route 1, Stockton Springs, ME 04981, Phone: (207) 567-3964.  He makes great coffee too!

I was in flower heaven this weekend because the lupine and so many other flowering plants were in bloom!  Here are a number of my favorites.  It's so amazing how when you look at a flower up close, just how much detail and texture are revealed.  I can't help but look at flowers up close.  Enjoy!