The Amazing Jacky Cardy

Well, as I peruse some of my favorite blogs soaking up inspiration to get my fire started for tomorrow morning in the studio, I have to share with you just how much Jacky Cardy inspires me!!!  She has an amazing talent combining hand-felted, hand-dyed pieces with hand-dyed velvets and stitch.  The colors and textures move me so much I could just look at all of her work for hours.  If you haven't seen Jacky's work before, please jump over to her blog, Dog Daisy Chains, and feast your eyes on the beauty she creates!  Here is her latest post.

It's Friday night here in Massachusetts and I can't wait for time in the studio tomorrow.  I'm writing down some ideas that I want to focus on so I don't overwhelm myself and panic wasting precious time.  There it is, the pressure!  I'm already laying it on! Focus, focus, focus............


Jackie said…
Oh my goodness! I came over here to see what you get up to..after your lovely comment, and found this. Thank you so much! I remember your lovely embroidery . I really like the piece with the daisy...or is it echinacea?
I love your photographs to.