Studio Sunday

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend!  It is finally warm here in the northeast.  I think in the sun yesterday it was about 90 F.  The pool is now open at my apartment complex and my deck overlooks it.  I left my iPod at work so I am without music in the studio this weekend but the birds are providing lots of their own music.  My favorite time to listen is at dusk when the sun is setting. 

Today, I have been busy working on my May 3 Creative Studios Color Palette Challenge.  The colors for May are oranges and purples from beautiful summer sunsets.  I've got many pictures of those from Maine for sure!  I've decided to make a composition book cover with this artwork.  I want to do a little beading but may have to go in search of more beads.  Here is where I am so far:

I plan on doing a little more fabric painting later on since I have a nice new piece of cotton all primed and ready to go.  Green is calling to me today so I may start there.  We will see.  Check back later for more :))))

I'm getting really excited about my upcoming Guest Artist spot on the 3 Creative Studios in August/September.  It will take a lot of preparation but I am totally up for it!  I'm gathering my thoughts and developing projects for the month!!!!!

Take a few moments this weekend to remember family and friends who have passed and all the soldiers who have died fighting for our freedom in America.  I am thankful every day for having been born in the USA!  I am also VERY thankful for the extra time in the studio this weekend! 


Jackie said…
Here I am and I like what I have sen so far! This purple and orange combination works beautifully. There must be something in the air..I just added some purple statice to a vase full of orange roses on my kitchen table . Now this. And teh dog we are looking after for a week has just brought me her fabric crocodile(?) in the same colours.