Studio Sunday

Happy Mother's Day!!  I've been working hard in my studio this week and I am super excited to say that I have been invited to include artwork in the upcoming issue of Quilting Arts Gifts that will come out later this year!  So, of course, I am really inspired to create lots of new things!!  I need to focus on format as I have not been designing from a "form follows function" direction lately.  It's been more of an outpouring of imagery that I'm impatient to get to fabric and play with.  I will be creating interesting ways to use my artwork from a practical perspective.  I think it is time to put some of my finshed pieces up for sale!  My Shop might be set up sooner than I expected!

I spent some time yesterday making some YUMMY fabrics using the Adirondack Color Washes.  All the pieces were hung in the sunshine on my deck yesterday which must have created quite a stir in the community for those trying to figure out why I had a rainbow selection of fabrics blowing around in the breeze.  I do admit, I lost a piece of newspaper off the deck and I didn't go chase it.  bad girl :(  Ooops, you are getting a sneak peak at a piece that I screen printed with one of my new thermofax screens.  That one is my "doodled squares" screen.  It's fun to use because you can creatively incorporate hand and machine stitching directly on this design.  You will be seeing more of that soon!

I can't wait for the new Color Palette Challenge coming up May 15th!  My ideas are already brewing!!  If you haven't yet, go to this post and add your comment for my free giveaway for the adorable 8" x 10" mini art quilt!