Studio Sunday and the Free Giveaway Winner Is......

Yeah!  Today I am announcing the winner of my very first giveaway!!!  I want to thank those who posted for their interest and comments; all 4 of you!  LOL  I hope the winner will enjoy the mini art quilt they have won.  This little piece makes me smile every time I look at it!  So this is how I picked the winner....

First, I wrote each person's name on a piece of paper and folded them up.

Then I put them in a plastic baggie and shook them up really good!  My husband, Jim, was the designated "picker" and he reached in and grabbed a name out!

and the winner is.........

Congraulations Silke!!!! 

Send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will send along this happy piece for your collection!

I'm super excited for the new 3 Creative Studios Color Palette Challenge for May!  SUMMER SUNSET is the new challenge with wonderful warm hues of orange and purples!  I can't wait to dive into this one!

In the studio today, I am working hard to finish my project for inclusion in this year's Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine!  I'm really happy with how it is coming out!  On another note, new ideas are constantly popping into my head, I made a trip to the local copy center to enlarge a few drawings up to 350%!!!  Can you imagine??  I would love to have one of those scanners and printers available to me all the time, expecially with a large roll of fabric to print on!!  Anyway, I'm working on some larger format projects and I think you will love them!!  I'll keep you updated! 

No sunshine here today but I'm in my brightly lit studio with tons of fresh colors all around.  I took some great flower photos of flox and violets yesterday and this one is up on my computer destop.  Yummy!



Silke Scheller said…
Oh great, I`m the winner!
I send you my e-mail-adress, so we can get in touch.
Please extinguish after reading.
Have a nice day,
Well I see my name there, but I'm not sure if that is me or another Terri. Dare I hope...