Studio Sunday

Happy Easter!  I have no sense of time today as I have been shut tight in my studio since Friday night.  I knew I would have a lot of time to create this weekend so on the way home from work Friday, I stocked up on supplies so there would be no reason to have to go out.  I also picked up my favorite Stouffer's dinners to pop in the microwave so I wouldn't have to make any effort to eat.  That's how it goes when I've got huge blocks of uninterrupted time.  I don't think to eat until my stomach is growling violently.  After coffee and cereal first thing in the morning, I won't stop to breath as I'm feeding off of my creative energy. 

I'm excited about a new body of work that has come out of this weekend, but I can only show you a peek though :(  This is coming off the heels of my digital monoprints that I had been working on last weekend.  (They have already been submitted with a brand new article so I will have to wait to show you those images.  Here is a tiny sample of this weekend's creativity.  Hope you like :))

I had a lot of fun designing my kind of graffiti art!  So you can imagine that there are bold colors, abstract images and a lot of BLACK!  The images are fantastic, but the biggest challenge I had was deciding how to treat these images on fabric.  My rip-n-pik became my right hand.  I transferred the images to fabric and then I started to have problems.  The images don't really belong on an art quilt, and the supplies I have to use aren't large enough for me to do exactly what I want with them, but I made it work (after the third time of ripping stitches out of all four pieces).  UGHHHH!  Moving along nicely now, though. :)))

The temperature is nice and warm here today, but I can't open my studio windows because I can't spend what's left of my studio time dusting the darn blinds!  I can still hear the birds and I did step out on the deck for a few sunny minutes to take advantage before the rain returns tonight.  Now back to the studio!!!