April Color Palette Challenge

I'm really getting into the color palette challenge hosted by 3 Creative Studios! This type of challenge really works for me because it forces me to design within a restricted group of colors. I normally tend to revert to the same colors over again, but here, I'm stretching out - going beyond the default. Let's see what I can do with this journal page!

Another personal challenge of mine is to Keep It Simple Stupid!! It is so easy to get carried away and end up throwing everything in but the kitchen siink. So I also use this challenge as a way to shoot for success through a simple design.

Check out the 3 Creative Studios blog and join up! The more the merrier!

Also, I can't say enough about Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons E-books! I have bought the first two to start with and I just have to say, Kelly Rae is so giving and generous with the knowlege that she has gained through her experiences in becoming a successful artist. Everyone can benefit from her lessons and enjoy her writing. I'm glad that she is so successful in her art/business life as well as with her family! I feel truly thankful for her sharing all of her stories and experiences with her community.

Check out her e-books here!


Your enthusiasm is refreshing and I'm feeling like I should run into my studio and play. Perhaps I will do just that! Thanks for sharing about 3CS and thanks for participating too. Have a creative day!