Ideas blooming......

It's funny how different the whole "Christmas" season is for me now from when I was younger. Probably because I haven't raised children of my own to continue the "spirit". I am now one of those people who could skip it all and not miss a thing but, for the sake of nieces and nephews, continue to take part in. Once together, we all reminisce about Christmases past and recall our favorite memories which is always fun.

The things that I recognize now as being more important than picking out the "best" present for family members and friends are the news stories on t.v. that bring to my attention people who have reached out and helped those who are less fortunate or who fate has delt them a bad blow right before Christmas, or those who have been struggling ever since the world financial crisis started. Of course, not forgetting all of those people world-wide who do not have the opportunities and resources to create better lives for themselves.

So, for me, today is a day to think about those who have wonderful stories of how their communities rallied for them in an urgent time of need, how this time of year more people do more good things for others and the spirit endures. That is what I think of as Christmas today.

Hope yours is a wonderful and healthy one!