I'm loving fall right now as the mornings get really cool and the sunny days reflect a blanket of cinnamon, amber, and gold all around us. I'm a little disappointed that the colors are not as vibrant as last year but we still have a lot of leaf turning to go.

After visiting Applecrest farms in Hampton Falls, NH yesterday, we stopped at a little antique shop. We had no intentions of buying anything but couldn't leave without this old picture frame that had a really unique embossed border around it. I plan on using that border to get some patterning onto fabric using the Shiva paintsticks. Who knows where else that design may end up????

I'm dedicated to finishing a trio of free-motion stitched flowers that I worked on last weekend to create a series to send off to Sew Somerset. Haven't heard anything back from QA yet and I'm hoping they like at least one project that I've submitted. We will see :)

Happy Fall!!
(me and Jim at Applecrest)


Donna Belliveau said…
is he really sitting on a pumpkin???!!! Very cute picture!