Crochet Things

Wow!! I can't believe it has been a month since I have posted last. If I had any followers, they wouldn't tolerate that! hehehe I have been hard at work with the stolen hours I have working on submissions to Quilting Arts Magazine. I'm done for now and can't wait to get started on some pieces for submission to Sew Somerset. In the meantime, I'm hooked on crochet again. This seems to happen every now and then when I see a great project that draws me back in. I'm having fun with it and incorporating some of it into my quilted projects. I'll probably continue using edge trims and fine gauge yarns. I experimented with yo yo crocheting and that's fun too and works up really fast. I'll be working on some crochet gifts for the holidays during my lunch hours when I can. I plan on a reduced budget for xmas this year but I still want to give practical and beautiful things. Crochet is perfect for that.

Here's a snapshot of yo yo's and an edge I was practicing with :) Not half bad!!

I'm also saving a bunch of glass jars and bottles lately, not sure exactly why, but you never know what idea will pop up next. Happy October!!!


Donna Belliveau said…
You DO have at least ONE follower!!! hehehe! Love the crocheting!
jjab said…
Wow! I really love that edging, would you mind telling me your source as I would love to give it a try! Thanks!