Waiting on the weekend!

I've got lots of new ideas floating around in my head right now. I'm happy about that for sure but sad that this week is going by so slow, delaying my time in the studio. This weekend will be all about finishing up my Castine wall hanging project, a mini-book to submit to the CPS reader challenge and using the brand new thermofax screens that I made 2 weeks ago. I'm loving my new designs and can't wait to see them on fabric so I can start incorporating them into a project! I'm patiently waiting for Quilting Arts' response to a submission I made recently and new projects are germinating every day.

I am loving these two images using my flower pictures and will end up creating something soon with them. Maybe something Ruth Rae-ish. I've been dying to make one of her soulful doors ever since I received my QA DVD. I love her book as well!

I'm super charged up for Traci Bautista's new art marketing e-course, discovering Y.O.U., that starts Monday, August 23rd!! I've taken her workshops before, both on-line and in person, and I love the format and the loads of inspiration and information she provides. Next week will be hectic at work but I'll be be glued to the computer every night!

I can't wait for the new Quilting Arts Gifts issue coming out! I've decided that this year, all my holiday gifts are going to be handmade, even the ones for the kids. I'm thinking handmade journals, wall hangings and cloth dolls for the girls and no ideas yet for the boys. I'd better get the machines cleaned and oiled up!

I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer. It's been hard designing on my laptop since the screen is so small. It's running slow and the new computer will have a large screen and lots of speed! This Friday, the Geek Squad will be here setting it up! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Stay passionate, stay creative, and stay open!!!