Camp Fatima

This weekend, I joined the local HOG members for a ride out to Lunenburg, MA to a great little restaurant called Harley's. Fabulous place for brunch! After that, the group rode all the way up to Camp Fatima which is located in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH. The group had recently done a ride for charity for Camp Fatima and they were asked to come up for the kick-off of Exceptional Citizen's Week, a co-ed week-long camp for children and adults 9 years and older with mental or physical challenges. You can find more information here about the Camp and CE here This week there is one volunteer for each camper that dedicates their time 24-7 to one of these campers. They are an amazing group of people, truly angels.

While we were visiting, we met Lloyd Caswell from Marblehead, MA. The more I learned about Lloyd, the more I was impressed! Read more about Lloyd's involvement in the community here What I didn't realize was that this year is the 20th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Lloyd is an active member of the Marblehead Disabilities Commission and much more. I was truly honored to meet Lloyd and to talk with him about his contributions and awards. His challenges were very apparent but they don't seem to hold him back any. It was a pleasure meeting him and sharing a part of his day at Camp Fatima.