Roben-Marie's Beautiful Work!!!!

Two of my MOST favorite mixed media artists are Dina Wakley and Roben-Marie Smith. If you haven't visited Roben-Marie's blog, make sure you do! She is taking one of Dina's workshops and has posted pictures of what she is creating from her play. I am soooooo impressed and inspired by the fusion of their styles in the simply beautiful creations from Roben-Marie's play!!! Both artists are truly amazing in my book and frequently, everything I create has foundation in their techniques. Go here to see Roben-Marie's pictures:

Here's a little of my own play :)


oh thanks so much first of all for your email! that was sweet!
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oh...before I go....i must comment on your use of pretty, happy, cheery colours in this piece! i like!!!!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
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this is beautiful