Printing, Painting, Stitching..............

I'm already overwhelmed with ideas and am jumping from one project to the next. I've got to reign myself in and finish each project because of its potential. Can't get them out there unless they are done. I've placed my second order for Spoonflower fabric and can't wait to see what this one looks like. I've cut out a handbag in the first fabric and will be stitching that one this weekend. Play date tomorrow and there will be lots to do. I'm totally loving Dina Wakely's journal pages and my doodling to digital process is so much fun!!!!!


Anonymous said…
oh i am so like this too...i have to write things down or I'll be overwhelmed with ideas and nothing would ever come to fruition!

nice to meet you...i'm on the linky bloggy list today too!

come see me too!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
Margaret Applin said…
HEllo Creative Carmelina! So good to meet you!! Isn't that always the way? A million ideas and then not finishing to race onto the next idea. Before you know it, your workspace is covered with those projects piling up! Where are you from????