Saying goodbye to an old friend

The closest I will ever get to being a "mom" was the 7 years I spent living with this amazing dog, Dylan. Dylan is a Pit Bull which is a challenge for anyone who wants to make this kind of dog a part of their family....but he was. My ex-boyfriend had adopted him when he was approximately 6 months old and boy was he adorable! Dylan grew into a 65 lb lap dog. He was never vicious towards people and most everyone loved him. What is amazing to me is that during his entire life, his schedule never changed. Morning and night, we were all devoted to his needs and to this day, that has never changed. The one time he had to stay with friends because of a wedding in Montreal that we had to attend, he was so emotionally upset that he didn't eat for 3 days. We never went anywhere without him again. Dylan has always been so flexible to the life changes of his Dad. Dylan adapted to wherever we were or he was, new apartments, new areas and two trips across country to Arizona and back. As long as his Dad was there, life was good. I think back to how many life decisions were made to accommodate Dylan and personal sacrifices that were made to ensure he was safe and happy. But isn't that what it's all about. This beautiful doggy soul who unconditionally loved both of us and who could never live without his Dad, his soulmate, his world.

Today, I have to say goodbye to this beautiful animal that was a significant part of my life for so many years who I always considered to be my child. It won't be easy, it won't be without regrets, but it will be all about Dylan and his comfort, peace and all of the love that has surrounded him for 12+ years.

Goodbye Dylan, my little man, may Heaven be as good to you as your Dad has always been.


Amy Ropple said…
Aw, Dylan. Poor baby.