Virtual Art Picnic

What a fantastic experience!!!! I highly recommend the Virtual Art Picnic for everyone. Leah was a fabulous moderator and she led us through her essential elements to consider for the VAP and led us through a short meditation before we started creating. The plan was to work fast and intuitively, not think so much about what the finished product should look like. Just PLAY!!! So I did!!! I wanted to focus on the color pink. I started by grabbing a couple of faces from magazine clippings and b/w flower images, which seem to be consistent in my artwork, and layered with paint, paper and stamps. This is the better of the two that I worked on together.

It was a great experience discussing the experience with the others on the line from OH, FL, VA, UK, MA and MN. It was a great small group and fun to listen to the experiences of each person and how their time breaking away from the group for an hour was spent playing and being creative.

Thanks Leah, great time, great experience and I plan on spreading the word!!