Bautista Style and CED "Inspiration"

Back in 2005, I traveled to Seattle for my first time to attend the ArtFiberFest retreat hosted by Teesha Moore. I took workshops with DJ Pettit and Traci Bautista and the third workshop escapes me at the moment. I am a huge fan of both these artists as they are huge source of inspiration for me. I continue to watch for their upcoming workshops hoping that there will be one I can attend here on the east coast.

During my workshop with Traci, I made the most adorable journal book that was put together using dyed papertowels, stamped cardstock and various other special papers including some of Traci's artwork that had been copied for us. I have yet to finish the spine of the journal but I look at it frequently so that I won't forget how it was put together and I love all the fun colors and uneven pages in it.

Yesterday, I couldn't help but want to play with black and white collage images, most that I have created myself. It's very important to me to be able to develop my own images to use in my artwork and Photoshop Elements has helped me do a lot of this. I took the black and white collages and stamped, painted, and added lots of color then pumped up the saturation in PSE. I plan to make some more of Traci's adorable journals to give as gifts and these will be the covers. Here is a pic of the journal made in Traci's class and two of the collages I worked on yesterday.

Unfortunately there won't be much play time today as housekeeping responsibilities and the beginning chapters of International Management will fill most of my day. (I really can't wait to be done with those classes.)

Hope your day is inspirational!