Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday in the summer...

We are finally having some real summer weather here in the northeast. It's sunny and hot and I am hiding inside in the a/c still in my jammies. I've been trying to organize my new studio space and today I will be finishing my design boards so that I can hang up pieces as I work on them instead of spreading them all over my work surface.

My goal within the next month is to come up with a fiber art project/article that Interweave will want to scoop up! There is no excuse now. I have the space and can focus so before other grown-up responsibilities take over, I'm going to get something done. I've got lots of ideas, just need to bring them to fruition.

Here are a few pics from my new studio. I'm actually trying to hang up some of my finished pieces and will post more pics when the design wall is complete. Happy Sunday!

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