Playing with a little digital tonight. You can tell I'm still not a pro! I've been going through my flower photos to make some into thermofax screens. I'm really hooked on nature and the simple beauty found there. Of course, I wasn't as productive as I hoped to be this weekend. My art quilt friend, Amy Ropple, gave me a beautiful journal for my birthday and I gessoed a few pages that I intended on working on but didn't get to for more than one reason. I need some serious privacy to work on those.

It's going to be raining again all week up here in the northeast. I'm close to giving up on summer. There have been more rainy days than sunny ones and even though I can play inside, it definitely elevates the mood when the sun is shining.

To all the dads out there, change more diapers, play more games outside with your kids and give your wives lots of credit. Keep up the good job!!!