Rainy Week

There is nothing like the simple beauty of a flower to brighten a rainy day. Lots of rain this week in Boston and the only way to overcome the blues is to surround myself with images of blooming flowers. Lots of flowers!!!!

I'm loving the details of flowers I have taken pictures of up close. The sheerness of a delicate petal overlapping more petals and layering upwards until the color blurs together in a wall of pale purple and pink. I'm turing some of them into line drawings to use in fiber art. Of course, I'm not going to be able to hold myself back from making some screens of these. The ideas are there and I just need some time to empty them onto fabric and paper. And I'm not limiting myself to just flowers. There are an amazing amount of intricate leaves and weeds that tempt me with their structure and color transitions. Each little detail creates more and more inspiration. Hopefully I can take some of this inspiration and generate something that will surprise myself. Until then.....I'll just listen to the rain and look at my beautiful flowers.