Goodbye June

I can't believe that June has passed so quickly. There are so many birthdays and events to get through but I've made it. Today was a total "me" day just playing with my PE7 that I just installed and playing some of my favorite tunes. I've been concentrating so hard on the layers and brushes that it's already after lunch and I haven't even had breakfast.

The next week will be relaxing through the 4th of July and then I will begin packing everything I own for my move on July 11th. A daunting project at that. I just keep thinking of how wonderful it will be to have my studio space again. My creativity has definitely been surpressed and I can't wait to break out!

I have a wonderful idea but it's still developing......using my photos of flowers in stitch. I'll just keep the idea brewing until I can really jump in mid July. Till then, I'll just keep making new brushes to use in PE and designing new thermofax screens for use in my new studio space.

"It is the month of June, the month of leaves and roses, when pleasant sights salute the eyes and pleasant scents the noses."
Nathaniel Parker Willis