Inspired to Quilt (Melanie Testa)

I can't begin to tell you the fun I am having with Melanie's techniques from her new book. I wish I remembered to take a picture before I layered the tule and organza on top. It's an awesome transformation once the layering starts. Here is my unfinished piece so far. Just starting to top stitch and I want to add a little beading here and there. The flowers I am using are from a shot of little blue weeds that I took a picture of in a parking lot, hence the name of the piece, "Parking Lot Flowers".
I'm working with acrylic and textile paints as I do not use dyes. I knew this was going to present some challenges but I wasn't sure exactly how. Dynaflow paints seem to work really well for this and I have thickened them by using acrylic glazing liquid. It's changing the hand a little but not too much for the purpose. So what do you think???


Melly Testa said…
I love it! When I use paint, I use Jacquard neopaque paints and it seems to work really well and barely changes the hand, I do use paints, but that could be a whole other book! :) And um... you can monoprint with paint on fabric! :) Perhaps if you mention my give away, you will take me up on the chance two, and upload this to QA with the tags Inspired to Quilt for yet another chance? Devily Grin!!!