Boy does time fly! It has been forever since I posted to my blog and I refuse to let that much time pass before I post again. In March, I spent a fabulous week in St. Petersburg, Florida with my fiber arts soul mate, Pat. Every day we had activities scheduled and one of our daytrips took us to Sarasota to the Selby Orchid Gardens. I took, no kidding, 250 photos of different orchids, leaves and other textures that I can't wait to dig into.

School is ending soon and I will take the entire summer and fall off to delve into my creativity and see what comes up! I am sooooo excited! It will be a wonderful break then I will return to finish my 4 courses for my degree.

This will be a time of reconnecting with friends, art play dates and experimenting with new and old techniques in fiber arts, digital and paper collage. One of the first things I need to do is re-design my website. We'll see just how much HTML I actually remember :))) I am looking forward to moving in July and creating my new studio! Who knows, maybe I will never return to school! -not :(((

To anyone who reads this...... dream big, experiment often, and always save your not-so-finished pieces to incorporate into something better.