Summer's End

Wow has this month flown by. I can't believe we are already at Labor Day Weekend. I'm not sad to see summer end as my favorite time of the year has always been the fall season. Once again, I was able to visit a place from my childhood where I spent every summer growing up. "Maine - The Way Life Should Be". The sounds, smells and many walks along the beach bring back all those memories. I wish all who shared those times back then were here now. Funny how you take for granted all that is given to you as a child then wake up one day as an adult longing for those gifts you no longer have. It's the way of life, I guess.

There are so many fabulous textures along the beach. An early morning walk before the fog burned off down the Penobscott River revealed ducks waking in the water just beyond the fog line, the constant and soothing sounds of the fog horn accross the river at Searsport and fields lining the beach covered in early morning dew and spider webs showing hard overnight labor in beautiful star-like presentation.

I will miss summer and all the memories but fall will bring refreshing new ones. As soon as the cooler weather rolls in and the mornings turn cool instead of oppressive, memories of school clothes shopping, saddle shoes and autumn-toned plaid dresses come racing back. I head out with my camera to capture the foliage in all it's beauty. Fall brings renewal for me. It's a new starting point filled with color and texture that I feel connected to. If it could only stay that way all year long.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!