A little Sunday sunshine....

Welcome to Sunday.....again. It will be a short week at work this week with a nice break in Maine for an extended weekend off. Back to my favorite place where the beaches are rocky and ripe for exploring at low tide and the memories come spilling back in buckets full. I plan on returning with some great pictures to use.

I attended the Lowell Quilt Festival on Saturday. I am always blown away by the amazing hand work and outside-the-box creativity at these shows. The variety of techniques, colors, and imagery could engage a person for hours. I didn't bring my camera but some of those fabulous quilts will remain in my memory forever.

I am trying to get working on a couple of scrap wisdom journal quilts that I had started last weekend and I am also experimenting more with my weeds and wildflowers screens that I went crazy making two weeks ago. Well, the day is ahead of me and I will jump in with both feet so as not to waste a moment. Back to school in a couple of weeks and that will drain so much of my free time for creating :(

Keep on creating!!!