Sunday, August 30, 2015

Studio Sunday and Medallion Master Templates Launch Date

My big news today is the launch date for my new Stencil Design Tools - Medallion Master Template stencils!  These stencils will be available for sale on on

September 9, 2015
I spent yesterday in Rhode Island with Barbara from as we created medallion designs in her watercolor paper accordion journals that she sells on  This is a great format for using these stencils to create continuous pages of colorful designs to paint, doodle, and more!  The watercolor paper is my favorite paper to create on because of all the different kinds of ways you can layer color on it.

There is going to be a lot of preparation on my part so I can easily communicate all of the ways to begin and build and layer these stencils and I want to make sure the potential of these tools is revealed to all who will use them.  Bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I get materials together to inform and instruct by video and PDF.

To subscribe to the newsletter, create an account here and you will automatically be added.  Definitely sign up so you can be notified of the launch and order your favorite stencils and view Barbara's video as well as mine.  Of course I will post everything here as well!

I'm actually happy that Labor Day is upon us as I feel like I can get back to a normal and better routine.  Now if only we could shake those 90 degree temps!!!  I always get excited and refreshed when fall rolls around so I'm looking forward to that!
Have a very creative weekend and stay tuned for more!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Studio Sunday and Stencil Design Tools Medallion Master Templates Update

Happy Sunday!  Well, there is no sun in the sky today here along the East Coast but that's not going to stop the celebrations!  I will be heading off shortly to head north to Maine to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary!  The commitment and love and support that they have given each other over the past 50 years is an amazing accomplishment.  All couples face challenges and tests of their love and commitment and theirs is a generation of solid values and a real sense of "family" that we need more of today.

Do you want to make medallions?  Well, I have the stencils for you!  They are here and I'm readying videos to instruct how to use them and build out the designs and I'm totally excited about it!
The stencils are ready and the estimated launch date on is the second week in September.   Yesterday, I finished this version where I had used my Joggles stencils and Tim Holtz Distress Paints to create a layered background, designed my medallions on top of that, painted in the background using Liquitex paint and used another Joggles stencil to apply over the top with lots of dots made using the Sharpie Waterbased Paint Pens.  All of my outlining is done using these paint pens.

All of the medallions are first drafted in pencil which allows me to go back and add a design layer or place additional elements on top of previously drafted lines and erase any lines I don't need for the final design.

I am not a big doodler but I am definitely having a blast pushing for more detailed fill designs and adding free-hand design lines to these medallions.  When I say "unlimited configurations" that is exactly what these stencils can help you create!

These stencils would make a great gift for any child (ages 8 and up) who loves to draw or doodle.  The shapes created using the stencils are large enough for Crayons, markers, colored pencils and for painting making them very versatile and enjoyable for many age groups.

More details to follow next week and I can't wait to take these to fabric!!!!  The possibilities are endless!
Have a wonderful weekend and keep on creating!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Studio Sunday Reviewing the "To Do's"

Happy Sunday!  It is really beautiful here this morning with the cool air feeding inside from my window fan.  That's probably short-lived as the August heat and humidity build throughout the rest of the day but I'll take it when I can.  I woke up this morning not knowing what to blog about today as yesterday was filled with social media tasks (no easy feat) and then I was able to get together with my good friend from out of town for dinner last night.

There are a couple of art opportunities coming up that require me to put my designer hat on in order to take advantage of them before September 1st so I've got to shift gears for the moment.  One opportunity is a call for pattern designs based on nature themes for the new book that Marie Perkins will be putting out in her series of Print & Pattern Bowie Style.  Marie is a designer and blogger in the UK who most pattern designers follow because she is all in on surface pattern design with an eye in the industry who also features a lot of up and coming designers.  When I first got into designing patterns, her blog and books helped me get focused.  Check out the Print & Pattern Blog here and one of her books here:

I've done absolutely nothing with my portfolio designs that I created for Surtex last year and it's time I start putting them out there in various ways or modifying them for future portfolios.  It would be incredible if I could get 2 designs into Marie's new book and I want to start adding some of my designs to Spoonflower to offer those designs in fabric and paper.  Quilting Arts Magazine has also sent an invite to participate in a Reader Challenge as a previous contributor so I'll be working on that as well.

I know I keep talking about my newest Stencil Design Tools called Medallion Master Templates as I am super excited about these and somewhat addicted to them!  They have shipped and are on their way to the warehouse and will be available for sale in early September!  There are instructional videos to be created for these so the user can understand how to apply them to draft out medallion designs.  The templates themselves allow for unlimited configuration of medallion designs and when you add your own doodles and marks to them they become uniquely yours.

Whether you fill them with color or tangle them in black and white, you will be amazed at the designs that you can create!  My eleven-year-old niece loves creating medallions and painting them using these stencils and I believe children who enjoy drawing would have fun working with the stencils as well.

If you follow me on Facebook, make sure you check out the post yesterday showing the incredible fabric that Terri Stegmiller designed using my Anastasia Collection stencils.  I hope to feature it here in case you're not a social media junkie LOL

Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Studio Sunday and Stenciling a Repeat on Fabric Using Color Magnet

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all having a creative weekend.  I've been very busy in the studio using one of my Anastasia stencils to create a repeat pattern on fabric using Jacquard's Color Magnet product and Rit Dye.  In the video, I walk through the process of using a particular stencil design to create an appealing repeat pattern on fabric.  I'm happy to say that the process was successful separate from my using a Stabilo pencil for marking my fabric.  No these pencil marks do not dissolve in the dye bath LOL.  Lesson learned :)

 The finished fabric is not as light in the background as the picture appears and it has a nice subtle monochromatic look and feel to it.  I show you how I determined the placement of my repeats in the video and the application of Color Magnet which I think is an incredible product.  See the video in 2 parts here.  Unfortunately my auto focus was not working correctly on the first video, my apologies.

Stenciling Fabric with Color Magnet - Part 1

Stenciling Fabric with Color Magnet - Part 2

I am having a wonderful time playing with my Medallion Master stencils and can't wait to introduce you to the process of creating unlimited configurations of medallions to incorporate into your art!  Whether you are looking to create simple, open medallion designs or complex designs, these stencils can help you do it!

More coming soon!!!!!
Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Studio Sunday and BIG SECRET REVEALED!

I have a big HUGE secret that I'm going to tell you...VERY SOON I will be launching my newest STENCIL DESIGN TOOLS called MEDALLION MASTER TEMPLATES!  Yes...medallion drafting stencils!!!!  These are not your average medallion stencils, no way!  These are actually marking stencils that allow you to layer design lines upon design lines as you build your medallion designs out.

I's sort of hard to explain and when you see the actual templates you will understand, but I can't show you those yet.  These marking tools allow for unlimited configurations for medallion drawing starting from 4" all the way up to 22"!  You decide how complex or simple you want your designs to be.  Straight circle layers are no problem and you can incorporate those into your medallion design at any time based on the additional circle markings in both 1-inch measurements and 1/2-inch measurements.  So all this will be explained VERY SOON!  For now, take a look at examples of what you can create!!!!

Are you excited yet????  I expect the stencils to be available in early September and can't wait to show you new videos on how to use them!  For now, spread the word and watch for the videos and announcement when they are available at!
This is me from last night getting ready to attend my 30th High School Reunion!  Where does the time go??????  I had a blast and stayed out late so unfortunately there is no video today :(  Check back next week!
Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!