Saturday, July 25, 2015

Studio Sunday and Wearable Art and Secret Project

Welcome to the studio!  Today's video is more like a narrated story and personal perspective on wearable art.  That's a big term encompassing all kinds of art that can adorn the body.  When I think of wearable art I visualize hand-painted garments and scarves, interesting design lines, fabric manipulation and stitching galore!

Some may consider wearable art sculptural compositions of fiber and non-fiber materials that tell a distinct story like a still-life painting.  My point is there are many different perspectives and opinions about what is considered wearable art both from the artist's view as well as the observer's.

What's yours?  Have you ever thought of bringing your art into your closet?  What would it look like and how would you wear it?  Would you repurpose an old shirt or create a garment using a commercial pattern? 

A few of the patterns that I will be working with include Butterick, Burda, Vogue, McCalls and Hot Patterns.  I have found a few I also like on

I want to create loose and comfortable clothing that I can enjoy wearing and that make me happy when I look at them.  I am loving all of the layering I see from mini shrugs, that barely cover more than your arms, to romantic ruffles and modern design lines.  I want to wear clothing that reflects my personal style and incorporates my art.  Check out the video for more!


Because I am forever thinking about design, I've got one more secret design project that I am working hard on.  I can't really move forward until I get this idea out into the spotlight so I'm working diligently to finalize this NEXT BIG THING!  Want to come along for the ride?  Hang in there, I'll be sharing more very soon!

Keep on creating!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Studio Sunday Deli Paper Stenciling with Zoe

Good morning and afternoon!  I'm starting a little late today and the hot and muggy weather isn't helping LOL  This week was crazy and I did not get to film my first wearable art application with the new stencils so that is on the agenda for next weekend.  What I did video is a short demo on using the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads with the stencils on deli paper that has been covered with white Gesso. 

I'm using one of the Zoe stencils that I love for its ability to create a cool repeat when reversed during the application.  In addition to the pattern being created with it in the video, you can condense the reverse application using 2 different colors to achieve a look like the first section below.  Using the same condensed repeat, if you apply a different color to the smaller dots each time you stencil, you will achieve the look in the second section where a third color ends up sandwiched between.

Here is an example of this stencil used on a piece of cotton that I dyed with RIT using Jacquard's Color Magnet product.  The product says to use it with the Jacquard dyes but since I didn't have any of those I experimented with the RIT dyes and the results were the same.  I will be demonstrating this product more in the future and I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Terri Stegmiller for telling me about the product.  You can see how Terri applied the product with the Jacquard dyes on Terri's post here.
I purchased both the 16 oz. canister and the pen seen on Jacquard's product page and used my high density 2" foam roller to easily apply the product using the same Zoe stencil.  When the repeat is viewed on a larger format, it creates this wave-like effect which I think is so interesting!
The Color Magnet Pen is perfect for using in smaller areas of a stencil but wasn't necessary for this stencil application.  I love the effect which intensifies the color of the stenciled areas by drawing the dye to the product.  Color Magnet goes on in a slightly yellow tinted fluid so the color you see on the fabric is strictly from the dye bath.
Thank you for visiting this week and stay tuned for more demos and design ideas!  Keep on creating!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Studio Sunday Deli Paper Collage Wall Art

Those of you who have been hangin' 'round the blog for a while know how much I luvvvv deli paper.  I think deli paper is such a cool way to incorporate layering into collage.  When I was still creating Thermofax screens, I printed all of them to deli paper.  Printed deli paper is one thing I am in abundant supply of and continue to use with my stencils.  Looking for deli paper?  Find it at
This is another example of how you can use my Circle Master Template to create wall art.  This time around, I used only black and white Thermofax screen-printed deli papers and some Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Acrylic Paints.  I also used a few Gelatos by Faber-Castell and a little pearlescent acrylic ink by Daler Rowney.  Additional details were added using Sharpie waterbased paint pens as well.  I highly recommend using a heavy gel medium to adhere the deli paper to the canvas as the canvas pockets the thinner glues such as Mod Podge, due to the canvas texture, and it won't result in as nice an application.

There are so many different ways that you can change up the application of the circle lines with the Circle Master Template so stay tuned for more!

I've been working away on my 4 pieces of fabric that I applied Dynaflo and Lumiere to through my Circle Master Template, it's very relaxing and I can get lost in it for hours.  I'm thinking about how I want to finish these pieces, either separately or together as a larger piece.  What I find really enjoyable is working on multiple pieces at the same time in the format of a series.  In a series, you have more options and I'm all about that!  LOL  The first picture is before any stitching and you can see the vivid streaking of the colors and the changes in intensity.  Yummy!!!


I adore the Jacquard colors and the coolest thing when applying Lumiere on top and spraying it with water is that the very same colors of Dyna-flo are the base for these metallic paints and when wet, the dye seeps out creating more intense shades under the metallic particles as you can see in this last picture above where the purple and gold show in the bottom left corner.  Definitely check out the exciter packs that sells so you can play with this technique.
Next weekend, I'll be working on wearables!  Don't miss it!!!
Have a fabulous weekend and don't stop creating!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Studio Sunday and Circle Master Template on Fabric

First up, let me apologize for the very choppy video :)  I will get better every time I shoot these, I promise.  This is my first demonstration using the Circle Master Template to create watercolor circles on fabric using Dyna-flo and Lumiere Exciter Packs by Jacquard. 

The results from this technique can vary a lot based on how much Dyna-flow is being applied and how damp the fabric is.  To create a more solid circle with less white space, flood the fabric with the paint through many of the wholes in the template to ensure you cover more area.  Check out the video here:

I love the painterly effects that you can achieve from this technique and the more diluted Dyna-flo you use, the more all over watercolor effect you get.  Intensify areas with Dyna-flo at full strength direct from the bottle, spray with water and add swashes of Lumiere for highlights!

I want to give a shout-out to Robin Broitman who was one of the winners from the Free Giveaway!  Robin had sent me a beautiful email to thank me for her win and she mentioned that she had just opened her Society 6 shop to feature her designs on products and said she had learned some of her techniques from my Interweave/FWMedia videos.  So, of course I had to learn more from her because it's not often you hear about the impact that you have had on other people/artists who actually purchase the products and learn from them!  Robin happily agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her art and let me share them with you.

1)     Robin, tell me about you as an artist. What inspires you and the types of art you are passionate about.
I’ve dabbled in local community art classes for many years and two years ago I discovered the world of online art journaling.  This opened up a whole new arena of inspiration and learning. In the real world, I find inspiration all around me from nature, shape, color and texture.  Online, I find inspiration from other artists and love learning new techniques and gaining insights from the online mixed media art community.   I’ve learned to use and love a wide range of mediums but my favorites are printmaking, gelliprinting, patternmaking, watercolor, acrylic, inks and pan pastels.   
I also spent most of professional career in digital media (web content development and marketing) so I felt a natural affinity for digital artistic expression.  It took me awhile to figure out how to integrate digital techniques with my art and your online workshops/videos helped me tremendously in this regard.  Today I’m most passionate about blending my handmade art with digital exploration.  I enjoy the freedom that Photoshop and other digital programs give me to experiment without fear of “messing up” my art. 
2)     Which videos from Interweave did you enjoy and how did they help you in further developing your techniques?
 One of the most fabulous online resources I discovered was the Interweave store and their downloadable video workshops.   One of the first and most inspirational courses I took was your video course - Paint, Print, Layer, Collage.  Being a self-taught artist, I didn’t have strong drawing or illustration skills but I still wanted to create my own personal imagery.  This course opened up a window for me regarding how I could create my own personal imagery with unique masks and stamps even without strong drawing skills.   It also gave me a peek at how I could take images made from my masks and stamps, scan them and further integrate them into my art.   Your teaching style was so clear, supportive and inspirational, it gave me the confidence and skills I needed to start experimenting. I’ve definitely gone back and watched that video several times!
I also purchased your Interweave workshop: Digital Design for Screen Printing: Creating Mini Canvas Screens for Surface DesignMost valuable was learning how to create Photoshop brushes from my handmade imagery.   This opened up a whole new world for me.  From one handmade object, I could create a Photoshop brush and experiment with its size, positioning and color digitally. 
I also downloaded recordings of your two Interweave Web seminars: Exploring Unique Textile Design: Creating Seamless Repeat Patterns in Photoshop Elements and How To Repurpose Your Art to Make Digital Quilt Designs using Photoshop CS6These two seminars gave me exactly the skills I needed to make repeat digital patterns from my handmade art.  I’ve discovered that this sort of pattern making is something I really love doing.  In fact, I’m sure you know, it’s quite addictive.  I now look at the art I make by hand with a very different eye and am often surprised by how a simple handmade element can come to life in Photoshop using some of the techniques taught in these webinars.
3)     As an artist, I feel like I'm always testing different types of media and changing up directions.  Do you feel that way?  What directions do you hope to branch off into in the future?
Yes, I am often overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and try in the worlds of mixed media and digital art -- but in a good way.  One month, I’m knee deep in one medium or technique.    The next month, I’m focused on something entirely different.  
For the past few months, I’ve been focused primarily on making patterns digitally with my handmade art. Recently, I took the first step of setting up a Society 6 store and putting some of my patterns out there – a bit of a scary step.   I hope to continue filling out my store by adding more patterns and abstract art to it.   My husband also bought me a new DSL camera earlier in the year and I am learning to use this and hope to integrate more of my own photography into my art and my Society 6 store.   
Finally, I’d like to get away from the computer a bit more and spend more time in my garage art studio, experimenting and playing with all of my favorite mediums (acrylic, watercolor, pan pastels, etc.) creating new and different handmade elements.  I will definitely look at my creations with new perspective now that I have a fuller range of digital techniques in my toolkit!
Thank you, Robin!!!!
For those of you who might not be familiar with Society 6, it's a great way to easily get your artwork out into the public eye on a wide selection of products offered for sale using any of your uploaded artwork.  Robin has inspired me to get my shop going. Check out Robin's shop on Society 6 to see some of her beautiful designs.  I've got a mug already on order :)

Come by next Sunday for a new video featuring Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Design Tools!
Have a wonderful weekend and stay creative!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Margaret Applin Designs - Stencil Design Tools FREE GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Woohoo!!!!  It's time, it's time!  First, I want to say thank you to everyone who joined my new stencils giveaway!!! 

Video Recap:

After the video I realized I had included a non-qualifying submission so I picked one more name for the last Zoe Collection which was Kottage Kreations!  So the winners are:

Circle Master Template - Robin Broitman
Circle Master Template - Deb B.
Anastasia Collection - Leslie McNeil
Anastasia Collection - Deb B.
Becca Collection - Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau
Becca Collection - Leslie McNeil
Jess Collection - Terri Stegmiller
Jess Collection - Deb B.
Zoe Collection - Ellen Pukalo
Zoe Collection - Kottage Kreations

Please e-mail me at with your mailing addresses so I can get these out to you right away!  I would love to see any projects that you have created with these stencils so send me links!!!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!  Stay safe!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Margaret Applin Designs - Stencil Design Tools LAUNCH

I can't tell you how excited I am.  My stencils are now for sale on!  Click on the image below and you will go directly to the page where you can see all 4 collections!

And check out Barbara's video showing how she uses the stencils in art journaling here.

And my video here.

There will be many more videos to follow!!!!