Sunday, April 26, 2015

Studio Sunday and Stencil Explosion in the Works

Who doesn't have a million stencils lying around in their studio?  Really, stencils are so versatile and can be used in lots of ways which makes them so addicting. 

One of the stencils that are a part of my MARGARET APPLIN DESIGNS premier launch is a template that can help you customize a unique medallion design that you can build using stencils that you probably already have as a part of your stash!  I think this template will help you breath fresh inspiration into stencils you aren't so excited about any more.

Think about what stencils you already own that have smaller design elements like flowers or shapes (which probably covers just about any stencil LOL).  Here, I'm looking at a couple of Barbara's Joggles Stencils, Botanicals I and II, and going crazy thinking of how I can apply these cute little flowers and leaves.

How can I change them up to create a new story?  Do I want to build that story on paper or on fabric?  And how will I lay them out?

These are questions that I am always asking myself as I design my own stencils.  I want the designs that I create and produce for others to us to have the ability to play on different media with lots of design options.  I want to help build your toolbox of ideas and techniques.
Look at the stencils you have in your stash and select a few that really catch your eye and think about combining them to create a new story.  Stay tuned as I talk more about my Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Design Tools inspiration.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Studio Sunday and Ramping Up

Oh my gosh!!!  I think it's SPRING!!!  Wow, really three whole days of sunshine and warmer temps and I'm loving it!  Too bad I haven't had a chance to get out and enjoy it because I am soooo busy.  Busy is a good thing, especially right now with so many ideas flowing.


The schedule for stencil releases is currently the end of May for Stencilease and I'm narrowing in on a June launch date for my personal stencil line.  Stay tuned!!

I'm gathering supplies for all kinds of fun with the new stencils and will definitely be putting together instructional videos on how to use them and what you can make with them.  It's very exciting!!!!  I'm thinking big format stitching so I've ordered some sari silk yarn!  There is a lot of testing going on and I'm off to a rough start LOL.  I'm using my favorite image from my Sunshine stencil from on homemade canvas.  I think I will do my fingers a favor and move on to softer materials.

This is a great piece to get warmed up on.  This was one of my paper towel art quilts started back in 2013.  It is stamped and stenciled and stitched onto a muslin backing with a layer of batting.  Maybe now is the time to finish it!

I love this one that already has a binding on it but maybe there is more I can do to the surface.

I will be working on paper and canvas as well as fabric with new projects.  Here is the base of one canvas with paint and screen-printed deli paper collage.  It will be fun to see where this one goes!

I'm testing colors on fabric so I had a little fun with some tie dye!

There is so much to do and so little time but I am excited to see it through!!!  Have a wonderful weekend and stay creative!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


It's been spring-like here this weekend!  I've noticed some bulbs under the windows in the back yard that are starting to come up and waiting for that sign of tiny buds on the tree branches.  It sounds like spring will be exploding all at once and I can't wait!!!

There is going to be a STENCIL EXPLOSION coming soon!  How do you prepare for this sort of thing?  You take inventory of all your supplies; sewing, stitching, painting, collage and drawing tools!!!  You clear your workspace, clean all your brushes, set up your iron, oil your sewing machine, buy new paper and embroidery floss and hunker down.


Ok, remember when I took my trip to the CHA Tradeshow in January with Barbara from, quite unexpectedly, I managed to obtain a license agreement for BIG stencils!  Big Big stencils!  These are stencils you will be able to use on furniture, walls and flooring; however, I won't stop there!  I've got ideas brewing and ready to test as the TWO COLLECTIONS, not one but TWO, will be sent to me shortly for testing and approval!  Each COLLECTION will contain 5 (five) designs that coordinate with one another.  This scale will be a lot of fun to work with across different applications and I plan to push the ideas as far as I can. 

The current launch for these 2 COLLECTIONS is expected to be around Memorial Day Weekend.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to spread the news and share everything as soon as it is ready!  Of course, because the imagery in in the final testing phase, I can't show you anything right now as I've got to get my ducks lined up and copyright my designs and prepare all the lovely promotional stuff!

Stay tuned!

My second surprise is that I will also be releasing MY OWN PERSONAL LINE OF STENCILS!!!!  In coordination with my friend and business partner, Barbara at, the first set of MARGARET APPLIN DESIGNS stencils will be out soon and sold exclusively on  These stencils are DIFFERENT and FUN and INNOVATIVE!  I can't wait to show you and share all my project ideas!  The expected launch date is not concrete as of yet but will be happening VERY SOON!!! 
So with everything that is going on here in the studio, that seems to get smaller and smaller with every BIG idea I have, I'm working hard and might be quiet as I'm plugging full-steam-ahead with project ideas and instructional videos and PDFs.  I'm going to be wearing a lot of design hats while still working full-time and you know what that's like! 
If any of you follow me on Pinterest, I have two boards that might be of interest to you as I gather ideas to use my new stencils.  Check out my STITCH board as well as my INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS board. 
Stay creative, happy and healthy!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Be back next week.