Friday, May 31, 2013


Yay, we are here!  Friday, May 31st!!!  Not only is it the last day of May 2013 but it is the FREE GIVEAWAY WINNER day!!! (or night) LOL

There were 33 comments total and one was removed so I generated the winner based on 32 comments.



There were two anonymous comments but this one is the winner!  If you would please contact me at I can get your DVD and Thermofax screens to you!


Have a great weekend and check back for Studio Sunday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Studio Sunday, Pattern Play and Blog Anniversary!

Welcome to Sunday on this extended holiday weekend!  It's a true gift having an additional day to play creatively and to work on building my skills.  I was totally inspired by one of the artists who is participating in the on-line workshop I am attending, the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.  Friday night, I was up very late blowing ink across paper :)  I nearly passed out, but I was so inspired to keep going because of the amazing organic looking marks that you can make with this technique.  Here is the piece that I used to layer with my imagery above to get the look.

Every part of this repeat pattern has been created and manipulated in Photoshop Elements.  I have been learning quickly the components of Elements that I had not previously been using and it opens up an entirely new set of tools to work with!  You really need both Photoshop and Illustrator to design with.  This is good for me since so much of my design elements are still in Photoshop Elements.  I will soon have to graduate to the full blown Photoshop CS6 program but I will hold off as long as I can.

What I do need right now is a bigger monitor, a drafting table and a back-up hard drive!!!!


I want to take a minute to talk about my Blog Anniversary!  This very weekend, exactly 5 years ago, I created my blog, "Scrap Wisdom Collage", and wrote my first article for submission to Quilting Arts Magazine  under the same name.  I can't believe it has been 5 years and when I look back over this time, I can't help but pat myself on the back for the success I have achieved in my creative life.  We all measure success in different ways and the past 5 years have shown me that I have been very successful and I am really happy with that level of success. A significant part of my happiness has been sharing techniques and ideas with others and the satisfaction that comes from helping other people achieve their own success.

Perseverance and passion will take you as far as you want to go.  I still have so much yet to learn, but every seed planted has the ability to grow and bloom.  Always remember to push those ideas when they surface!


If you haven't had a chance yet, go to this posting and leave a comment to be entered into the free giveaway for my Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD, "Paint, Print, Layer Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery" and 2 free Thermofax screens from my Etsy shop!! Don't miss it!  Leave a comment now!!  I will select one winner on Friday, May 31st!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and takes time to honor all of the soldiers who have given their lives fighting for our freedom and in the name of global terrorism.  


Friday, May 24, 2013

Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES Vol. 3 is HERE!

Woohoo!!!  PAGES volume 3 is finally here!  I downloaded the digital version tonight so I could see the layout in the magazine of my article, "Revealing the Edge", starting on page 100.  Because it is a "how to" article, most of the pages are not shown so I have posted a few more below.    All of the imagery applied on these pages was made using the first release of Joggles Stencils!  Go HERE to see the original stencils and the newest released stencils by Barbara and myself!

This is the last publication that I have "in the works" but 2013 has already been an amazing year!  Again, I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunities with Interweave that I have and hope that I can share more with them soon.  


Monday, May 20, 2013

My Very First Official Repeat Pattern!

I'm soooooo happy!!!  I just created my very 1st official (meaning technically correct) repeat pattern!!!  There's no stoppin' me now!!!  Yay!!!  All of the rest of my designs up until now have been manually placed (which does get old).  Had to share :)

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Studio Sunday and FREE GIVEAWAY!

Wow it's been a crazy busy weekend so far and this morning I was able to sit down and play.  Here is a sample design of what I hope to do after finishing the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design on-line workshop!!!  My goal is to be able to exhibit at Surtex next year or at least one of the huge trade shows so I can pursue licensing my designs.

I have so much to learn and composition is a huge part of it.  The workshop is in 3 sections and will run through the fall.  I'm dedicated to make this work for me!


This DVD is a great reference tool for anyone wanting to find ways to create their own personal imagery!  I can't stress how much this mission means to me and believe everyone can define their style more quickly by using easy techniques to create their own imagery!  Take a chance, download or order the DVD and share it with your art friends.  Make a play date out of it and try some of the easy techniques to get started on your own journey!  Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!!

The free giveaway includes one DVD and 2 FREE Thermofax screens of your choice from my Etsy shop!!!
Leave a comment here on this post and I will use the random number generator to pick the winner on Friday, May 31st.  


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Studio Sunday Back from Connecticut

First...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful Mom's out there!!!

I'm just back from Connecticut where I took the 3-day workshop with Michelle Ward and Lynne Perrella called Far Away Places!!!  You will want to clear your schedule for this time next year as they have already booked the 2014 event which promises to be even better than this year's!!!  Three full days filled with art instruction from two of THE MOST INCREDIBLE mixed-media artists ever!!  Lynne and Michelle made Somerset Studio and Stampington what they are today along with a number of other artists that were originally a part of the True Colors art journal journey!  

I'm sharing my work from the workshop to tempt you with next year's workshop.  This image above was made using Michelle's techniques and her stencil images.  LOVE the colors!!!  The image below was also created using Michelle's techniques and stencils but also includes one of my NEW STENCILS, Pots Silhouettes!!!

I'm really, really not good with faces except on art dolls LOL.  Lynne created this amazing banner layout really building out faces and everyone created VERY COOL stuff!!  I was challenged :(  The image below is using a model's face from a fashion magazine and collaged on top of my previously created papers, Michelle Ward's stencil and one of my own NEW STENCILS, Sunflowers.

The next one basically the same (I'm really bad with faces)! LOL

Michelle's workshop was creating this magical far away place in an accordian style format which included pop out windows and layers of stencils and collaged images.  Another one of my NEW STENCILS was used to create the stone wall effects.  This was so much fun!!!!

This is the cover below.

My far away place was sort of on a Myan theme and I had created a lot of my own personal imagery to use in this specific project as you can see the tiles applied.

I really challenged myself to keep the colors very light in order to build the layers on top of them.  Michelle is AMAZING with stencils!!  She knows exactly how much paint to apply and remove to create depth and shadows with tons of interest and mystery!!!

That sun is a part of my NEW STENCIL, Ancient Ruins!   

So it was a SUPER FANTASTIC fun-filled, creative weekend.  Barbara from came with me and we had a blast, met a lot of amazing women and created some new friendships!  Definitely check out 15 NEW STENCILS that both Barbara and I created for the line!  Click HERE to go right to the stencils page.  I will be creating more with the new stencils and will share the examples here soon.  


You know what that means!!!  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Studio Sunday - Pattern Making and Journal Pages

What a difference it makes to wake up to big windows filled with blue sky and green tree tops!!  It definitely lifts the spirits for sure!  I've been working intently on the workshop I am taking, the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, and I am loving it!  There are over 100 students in this module and they are all simply amazing artists.  It is so much fun and so very interesting to look at everyone's different styles and it will be even more fun as you see their styles fully develop into their pattern designs.  We are supposed to be working on our doodles and looking at shapes and patterns in nature and existing designs.  I kind of get away from myself as soon as I bring those images into PSE and begin manipulating them.  On this design I couldn't stop playing :)

I have to remind myself to stay focused :(  With all the pattern play, I have a new screen for my Etsy shop.  I see this as a really cool texture underneath other imagery OR as the base for some very interesting embroidery!!!  Hmmmmm

I received back my artwork from the Art Journaling Exposed V. 2 article and there are a few journal pages I really loved and want to share that were not shown in the e-magazine.

This one was shown but I love it so much!!!

This is the fabric cover on one of the journals.

Lots of fun making these and as I continue with the on-line workshop, I'm sure there will be a million more I will have to make to use some of the fun I'm creating!

Have a fantastic weekend and step outside to soak up the blue sky and all the variations of green around us as the trees, bushes and flowers begin exploding in color!!!