Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!

I just want to thank everyone who has visited and posted here during my Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!!!  I regret that I have not been able to respond to each posting as I normally do, but I have read each and every post and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you love these designs and hopefully you will use them to create love notes and fiber art pieces for those very special people in your lives.  Because of the nature of these designs, you can incorporate them into your artwork all year long, not just for Valentine's Day!!!  I know that I plan to!

These are 4 small pieces that I have been playing with and it occurred to me as I ended up bringing them together that what I was expressing was how I feel that NO TWO HEARTS AND SOULS ARE ALIKE and we should CELEBRATE the differences in every heart and soul that make us who we are.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to finish my stitched heart but I know that you probably have a million ideas running through your heads right now on how you want to use these stencils.  I personally invite anyone who would like to share their Heartfelt artwork with me here on my blog to send me pictures to post and share the ways you applied these stencils.

What a fantastic presentation of stencils if I do say so myself!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!  This is the entire Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway set.  You still have time to comment on any one of my postings from this week to be entered to win these 5 fantastic stencils!!!  

And, if you haven't yet checked out the website, I have two more 6" x 6" stencils that just went up this week and I plan to do a lot of experimenting with these!

I can't wait!!!!!

Check back here on Saturday morning as I announce the winner of the Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!!!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stencil Blog Hop Winner and Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway

Well it is Wednesday and we have a WINNER for the two stencils from Terri Stegmiller's Blog Hop!

My random number generator chose #20 out of 69 postings and the winner is:


CONGRATULATIONS on your winning of two of Terri's awesome stencils!!!  I believe Terri will be in touch to get your mailing information shortly!!

Do you remember this image?  From the Stencil Blog Hop, it was my pressing page from spraying the Liquitex paints through Terri's stencils.

Now it looks like this with my Hearts and Vines stencil laid out on top in a digital design.  I love this stencil and couldn't do it justice just yet on paper or fabric so you get to see the digital design first.

The journal page below shows the Heart Striped stencil and the floating hearts from the 9" x 12" stencil.  

Keep posting this week to be entered to win all 5 of my heart stencils!  The last night is Thursday!!!  If you are not the lucky winner, you can always visit to purchase any of my stencils!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway

I keep telling myself that there are a lot of people still awake on the west coast who might be reading my postings at a normal hour LOL!  This is my work-art balance catching up with me :)  Find more images below using my heart stencils that can be purchased at  I really love layering these images with my screen printed deli papers.  Many people have been asking to know more about my deli paper techniques so check back next week for a free video on how I use my deli papers for layering in collage!

This is a small inspirational card that I used one of the images from the 9" x 12" stencil.  Mixing text and floral images has always appealed to me and this stencil image is so easy to layer on top of just about anything!

Here is a journal page that was sprayed with Dylusions on the background using the Heart Swirl stencil and then I applied the the Heart and Flowers stencil using my black Liquitex spray paint and layered a piece of lace under the stencil before I sprayed.  You can see the lace remnants at the top of the heart.  My friend Sandi showed me the way!  Thanks Sandi!!!

Here is another small art card that I sprayed Liquitex paint through another image from the 9" x 12" stencil and layered deli paper and light stamping on top of.  These cards I am going to journal on the back of that way I can leave the front pretty :)

Again, I am using the text and floral stencil image here on top of the bordered heart both images from the 
9" x 12" stencil.  I stamped around the edge with Tim Holtz's distressed ink pad.  The heart with border I applied very lightly by rubbing paint through the stencil with a paper towel.

The last image is the bordered heart with some of the lines from my Heart Striped stencil over it  This is actually on some fabric paper that I made and I'm going to add some stitching to this one and will show it again.

That is it for Tuesday night (Wednesday in other parts of the world).  Check back tomorrow for a little more inspiration.  Don't forget to comment on one of the postings this week to be entered into the Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!

Some of my favorite materials to use right now are Liquitex acrylic sprays and metallic paint.  The one drawback to the metallic paint is trying to get the right angle on the camera to capture it. :)  This stencil is my Heart and Flowers (6" x 6") stencil that has sort of a graffiti look to it so I love to pair it with black.  The metallic paint used is Lumiere Blue Halo Gold.  I'm a huge fan of all of the "Halo Golds" that Jacquard has in their line.

I love the effects that I got rubbing some chalk stamp pads through my Heart Swirl stencil that I used yesterday in the previous post.  I went in with a metallic Chartreuse Sakura gel pen to outline all of the shapes.  Originally, I started with black pen (as you can see in the shots) and I knew right away that it was way too overpowering with the soft hues of blue and green.

I will just have to try that one again!!  Wonderful effects!!

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into the Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!  Check the previous post for all the details!  Again, these new stencils can be purchased at

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Studio Sunday and Heartfelt Stencil Giveaway!

Welcome to Sunday once again!  Wow!  What a fantastic Stencil Blog Hop for Terri Stegmiller!!!  Her designs are beautiful and soooo fun to play with!  Don't forget to stop by Wednesday, January 30th to see if you are the winner of Terri's stencils!!


So here goes my own little self-promotion :)  If you all are getting ready to create your Valentines, you have to check out my heart-themed stencils available at  The first 4 heart stencils are all 6" x 6" stencils and sooooo cute!  The last one is a 9" x 12" containing 4 smaller designs.

This week I will be using all of these stencils on fabric and paper to create some Heartfelt fun!  

Here's how the giveaway will work.  Post a comment on any of this week's postings (including today's here through Thursday's post) using the heart-themed stencils and you will be entered to with ALL 4 of my 6" x 6" heart stencils shown above AND the 9" x 12" version.  That's 5 AWESOME STENCILS that you can win and receive in enough time to create with them for your Valentine's cards and gifts!  On Friday, February 2nd, I will select one winner using a random number generator and announce the winner on Saturday morning, February 1st.

To purchase these stencils, go to  If you "Search by Artist" you will find my stencils all on one page for easy viewing.

Have a great week creating and don't forget to visit and post your comments this week!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Thanks for joining me on Terri Stegmiller's Stencil Blog Hop!  Eight amazing artists are sharing their creative techniques with Terri Stegmiller's new line of stencils, produced by Stencil Girl Products.  Each day of the hop you will see two new stencils (14 in all) being used by an inspiring artist.  I am sooooo excited to be a part of this Stencil Blog Hop as I am a big fan of Terri's!!!

Be sure to leave a comment on this post and you will be entered for a chance to win your own set of the two stencils that I used here.  The winner will be drawn one week from today.  To be eligible to win you must provide contact information if you don't have your email associated with your comment ID.

And also be sure to visit all the other artists participating in the Stencil Blog Hop.  You can enter on every post for more chances to win some of Terri's great stencils!

Blog Hop Schedule:
Sunday, Jan. 20 (Kickoff) - Terri Stegmiller,
Monday, Jan. 21 - Leslie McNeil,
Tuesday, Jan. 22 - Deborah Boschert,
Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Margaret Applin,
Thursday, Jan. 24 - Brenda Gael Smith,
Friday, Jan. 25 - Vicki Welsh,
Saturday, Jan. 26 - LuAnn Kessi,
Sunday, Jan. 27 - Sue Bleiweiss,

Find Terri's stencils online at Stencil Girl Products (

Today, I'm playing with Terri's "Leaves" and "Squiggles" stencils and I'm having a blast using my Liquitex spray paints! I love these paints as I can use them inside and not worry about fumes or air quality.  These paints are low odor and non-toxic.  Of course, I wish I had the entire line of sensational colors but I'm limited to 7 or 8 for now.  The whole line is sold at Michaels.

I started with Terri's Squiggles stencil and un-primed watercolor paper.  The spray paints work well straight out of the can.  Here you can see I kept layering the stencil and spraying lighter and darker in different areas. The dark area is where I sprayed the stencil first and then printed with it in a reverse print.  These spray paints are really easy to direct to specific areas as you can see the few I had sprayed in blue.  You have much more control than when you use the spray inks.

Once the paint dried, I went over the entire piece with some of my screen-printed images on deli paper.  The deli paper melts right into the background and you can see the shapes from the stencil through the deli paper that's not painted on.  Very cool!!!

Based on how I applied the stencil, different variations of the print showed through my screen-printed deli paper and it just added so much interest to the background.

Here is the full page of my collage.  It still needs something...but I love this stencil for the background!!!

I also played with the Squiggles stencil on a couple of journal pages.  I had lots of fun with my Sharpie marker making hash marks over the white spray painted images.  I'm still going to work on that one as well.

On this one, I used one of my new Sharpie stain markers (yellow) to add more emphasis around the squiggles towards the back to help make the squiggles look like they were floating.

My favorite stencil was Terri's "Leaves", which is no surprise since I use many leaves in my own artwork. I had loads of fun spraying with this stencil and layering the colors.  I chose to outline the leaves with different weight Pitt pens and heavier strokes on the blue leaves as they were more solid in color and popped out more.  

What I really want to do with this picture is scan it and play with more layers in Photoshop Elements!!

The technique I love the most using the stencils so far is spraying the entire stencil first and printing it down against the paper.  While the stencil is still in place, spray a different color through the stencil and Viola!  You have a beautiful clean layered image and background in one shot!

I love how sometimes if you scribble, it looks like you are a real sketch artist LOL.  This is such a gorgeous little piece and I want to frame it!

This last little piece was actually my pressing paper when I flipped over the stencils to spray again, plus a few extra secret stencils I was playing with of my own that have not hit the Stencil Girl site yet :)))))

I will be building this one out as well but I know this needs to be translated digitally just so I can see what happens to all those crazy layers in Photoshop Elements!

Thank you, Terri!!  Keep up the great stencil designing!!  

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Stencil Blog Hoppers and don't forget to leave a comment so you can be entered to win Terri's "Leaves" and "Squiggles" stencils!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Studio Sunday

Well friends, the sun has gone down and Sunday is coming to a close and I am so late posting.  As I sit thinking about the week ahead I know I will be up late tonight getting things done.  I've got a lot to post so go grab your cup of coffee, tea or wine :) and settle in LOL.


One of my "Art Sistas" was visiting this weekend all the way from NJ!  Sandra Koterba is an amazing artist and super multi-talented in many things!  Sandi has a new blog,, and I encourage you to stop by and say "hello".  The pictures of her artwork don't even begin to tell the story of Sandi and everything she is into, but I'm sure she will be sharing much more in the future.  She's a brand new blogger so give her a little time to catch up! :)  Yay Sandi!!!

Sandi invited me to attend a workshop in NYC in April with Doreen Kassel!  You have to check out her site!!!  I have never done any sculpture-type art and Doreen's characters in polymer clay are so whimsical and they just make you smile!  This is one of Sandi's creatures from a previous class with Doreen.  Soooooo cute!!  The class we will be taking also incorporates long skinny legs!!!  Can't wait and thank you, Sandi, for such an amazing gift!!!


This week, Terri Stegmiller is celebrating her new line of stencils, 14 designs currently, by hosting a stencil blog hop which I am psyched to take part in!  (Thanks Terri!)  Terri's stencils can be purchased at so check them out!!!  The schedule is laid out below and starts TODAY on Terri's blog!

Blog Hop Schedule:
Sunday, Jan. 20 (Kickoff) - Terri Stegmiller,
Monday, Jan. 21 - Leslie McNeil,
Tuesday, Jan. 22 - Deborah Boschert,
Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Margaret Applin,
Thursday, Jan. 24 - Brenda Gael Smith,
Friday, Jan. 25 - Vicki Welsh,
Saturday, Jan. 26 - LuAnn Kessi,
Sunday, Jan. 27 - Sue Bleiweiss,

So be sure to check back on Wednesday as I show all my fun stencil play with Terri's "Leaves" and "Squiggles" stencil designs!!


I know I've said this before, but I am so thankful for all the opportunities that the QA team, (and now CPS team) have provided to me since 2008!  I opened my e-mail InBox on Friday morning to find a new e-mail from Vivika DeNegre with an offer I couldn't refuse!!!  Quilting Arts Magazine is going to be launching a series of free live webinars with a presentation and Q&A with the artist and they asked me to be the first presenter!!!  My webinar will be titled,  “Digital Surface Design Technique: Creating Brushes in Photoshop” and will air February 13th at 1:00 p.m.  What a cool opportunity!!  If you miss the live version, they will be posted so you can watch them anytime!


So I previously mentioned that I was going to be working on my 2013 goals using Jessica Swift's 2013 Goal + Intention Kit and I have been filling out the first documents in kind of a random fashion.  I have sheets to fill with 2012 experiences and it will be good to look back over the past year and take a serious look at how my achievements and disappointments have shaped me to move forward this year and recognize ways that I could do things better or differently to better direct my art intentions.

I was actually caught off guard with this question, "How do I want to feel?"  Seriously, I never thought about this question in exactly this way!  How refreshing!  There are a lot of empty fields to fill on this form but I gave it a go and came up with 13 ways so far.  I want to feel...

organized, in control, competent, resourceful, creative, energized, focused, patient, observant, healthy, happy, intent and dedicated

I have already chosen my word for the year which is "Persevere" and which I will demonstrate and practice every day both in my corporate work as well as my developing art career.  The challenge is to sustain both parts of my life as each one plays a significant part in my happiness and success so to fall behind on one will make me feel like I will have failed.  

There will be lots of artwork to share on Wednesday for the Blog Hop so be sure to check back!!  
Stay healthy, happy and create lots of art!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

California and Home Again

What a trip I had to CHA!  My first ever visit to California and it was colder than Boston!  The sunshine was there but Anaheim, and the entire west coast, was experiencing cooler than normal temps and my wish for a little sun and warmth will have to wait for the next trip.  Still, the trip was amazing and I can't thank Barbara from for inviting me along!  

I saw so many cool things including new products and artwork.  Jacquard sponsored the dress below that totally inspired me.  They used Dy-na-flow to paint this beautiful dress.  Gotta try that!  This was a completely different wearable art application than I have ever tried!  It was simply beautiful!

What I did see that made me jump for joy was seeing Jessica Swift's new designs on paper and gifts.  I tried to convince the sales rep to sell me on of her bags but they couldn't!  Sooooo coool as Jessica is such an inspiration to me as a successful surface and pattern designer and I so want to be HER when I grow up!!!

And look who we ran into at the Viva-Decor booth!!  Rebekah Meier!!!  The picture below is Rebekah, Colleen from Viva-Decor, and Barbara from

It was a great time and can't wait to go again! Needless to say, I have a whole number of projects that I'm working on and new ones seem to be popping up along the way.  I will share more tomorrow in my Studio Sunday blog post.

Hope you all have a creative weekend!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Studio Sunday - STENCILS - CHA 2013!

(I know, I'm a little late on that one.)  Where have I been???  Right here, working away with my nose to the grindstone.  I am continually challenged by the time I have to dedicate to my passions while balancing my full-time job.  So, I have decided that my "WORD" for 2013 is going to be:

PERSEVERE : to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement, 
Synonyms: carry onpersistgut it outhang in there

Where did this past year go?  It literally flew by for me.  When I look back, I can see why:

  • Moved in January and set up new studio space
  • Articles published in Quilting Arts Magazine (Aug/Sept 2012, Dec/Jan 2013)
  • Article published in Somerset Studio Gallery - Summer 2012
  • Quilting Arts Workshop DVD - taping in Colorado (May)
  • Quilting Arts Workshop DVD Release - "Digital Design for Screen Printing: Creating Mini Canvas Screens for Surface Design" June 2012
  • Separated and filed for divorce :)
  • Moved in August and set up new studio space
  • Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD - taping in Colorado (Nov)
  • Completed e-mag article for Art Journaling Exposed (next issue - February?)
  • Released my first ever stencil designs through 
  • and I can't forget about Christmas and New Years!

That takes me to my next news about my STENCILS!!  I have added a tab on my blog here so you can see all my stencil designs as they come out.  To purchase my stencils, please go to the site.  So far, my stencils are all 9" x 12" but I have new designs coming very soon in 6" x 6" as well.  I've very excited about this opportunity and can't wait to push out more designs!

I have more stencil news but it is still a secret.  Within a month, I will have a huge announcement so stay tuned......

CHA 2013!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!  For those who are not familiar, the big CHA (Craft and Hobbies Association) tradeshow in Anaheim, CA is where designers, manufacturers and retail all gather to see the newest designs and products.  Even though I am not ready to vend at this prestigious event, I am so totally excited to share that I am attending!!!!  I had a fantastic opportunity presented to me and I fly out next Saturday for a few days.  I'm going to soak in as much as I can about the event and how it all works.  Can't wait to share that trip news with you!!

I just purchased this:  2013 Goal + Intention Kit by Jessica Swift.  I can't wait to lay out all my goals and intentions for 2013 with this fun and colorful kit!  Jessica is an amazing artist and a true inspiration for me.  You can get to her blog, Treasuring, through the link on my blog under "Amazing Artists I Follow" or check out her website here!

I hope you are all staying safe, warm and healthy in this New Year!