Friday, December 31, 2010

Into the New Year

It's hard to believe that we are moving into 2011 already! Where did 2010 go and why is the world spinning so fast?!? I've been thinking about what I want to see happen in 2011 and here are a few:

1) I want a happy, healthy family
2) I want to create happiness for others
3) I want to make art every day
4) I want to be recognized as an artist

There are plenty more wishes I have and goals to attain, but most importantly, I want to enjoy my life with my soul mate, my true love, my husband.

Happy New Year to all!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ideas blooming......

It's funny how different the whole "Christmas" season is for me now from when I was younger. Probably because I haven't raised children of my own to continue the "spirit". I am now one of those people who could skip it all and not miss a thing but, for the sake of nieces and nephews, continue to take part in. Once together, we all reminisce about Christmases past and recall our favorite memories which is always fun.

The things that I recognize now as being more important than picking out the "best" present for family members and friends are the news stories on t.v. that bring to my attention people who have reached out and helped those who are less fortunate or who fate has delt them a bad blow right before Christmas, or those who have been struggling ever since the world financial crisis started. Of course, not forgetting all of those people world-wide who do not have the opportunities and resources to create better lives for themselves.

So, for me, today is a day to think about those who have wonderful stories of how their communities rallied for them in an urgent time of need, how this time of year more people do more good things for others and the spirit endures. That is what I think of as Christmas today.

Hope yours is a wonderful and healthy one!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Lots of good things happening!

I am so excited to have two of my projects selected to be a part of the special publication, 101 Patchwork Projects by Quilting Arts and Interweave! In addition to that, I will have my second article/artwork published in the April/May 2011 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine!! I'm bubbling with excitement and can't wait to dive into more creative projects once the holidays are past. I'm also going to be taking Misty Mawn's "Stretching Within" on-line mixed-media workshop starting January 10th. On top of that, I'm going to try to keep up with the "Sketchbook Challenge". There is definitely a lot to keep up with but it's all good!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best Christmas Gifts.....

I'm ENGAGED!!! To such a wonderful guy!!! I've waited long enough and it was worth it!!! Unfortunately, all of his plans were ruined by an unexpected hospital stay which is where he asked me to marry him LOL (of course it didn't matter to me at all). This Christmas will definitely go down in the history books. It feels really weird to think before long I will be referring to myself as Mrs. Margaret Applin-Happ!

One of the other gifts he gave to me was a rotary tool kit (like a Dremel) to use in my studio! Does this guy know me or what?????

Needless to say, he is a very special person and one I never thought I would meet. Thank you, Jim.
All my love,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little time in my studio

A little studio play this weekend! I needed it for sure! I've been running around since Thursday night and didn't think I would get a chance to play some but a slow start this morning with a few cups of coffee in my studio and Photoshop Elements and I've got a few more (I say "more" because I really do already have a lot of) digital collages on fabric to create something fabulous with. I happened to come across 4 big 13" x 19" silk habotai sheets for my printer so I was ecstatic to run a couple of those through the Epson. I'm still playing with the leaf imagery that I created over a month ago. I'm thinking a few quilted book covers. That size fabric sheet could make some really cool things. I'll have to price those out again as it has been a while since I purchased them.

Anywho, I need to get to bed early tonight because this week coming is going to be crazy with the holiday and everything. My BF is in the hospital with an infection and is receiving IV antibiotics every 4-6 hours. Hopefully tomorrow we will know what exactly the infection is and they can better treat it. It will be bad for everyone if he is still there over Christmas.


Best wishes for happy, healthy holiday and a happy New Year!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

At the end of each day.......

Somedays I forget to stop and breath
Somedays life moves so fast it's impossible to breath
When I finally get to stop over a dinner of Asian food
I savor my fortune cookie to bring me back, to slow down, to read and contemplate

What has your day brought you?
What did you give it back?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Misty Mawn and The Sketchbook Challenge

I'm so excited to be taking an on-line workshop with Misty Mawn!!! It's called Stretching Within (great title). I took a full-day workshop with her at ArtFest in 2008 and wish I was able to take another class. I'm really excited!!!! It is 5 weeks long beginning in January. Check out her blog here for more information!!

In addition to Misty Mawn's workshop, I just found The Sketchbook Challenge!! It is being sponsored by Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazine - what could be better!?! You can follow along with some really amazing artists as they work in their sketchbooks with monthly themes and they want people to also post their sketchbook pages. I really want to start sketching and practice and this will be a great way to get started. Check out the blog site here.

I'm still playing with my 3-ring notebook cover that I made using Lyric Kinard's process. At the moment, I can't remember which QA Magazine it was in. I think I will make book covers for my nieces for x-mas with funky designs all over. We will see how much time is available. Check out Misty's workshop!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exploring NYC

What a day! Up at 4:30 a.m. to board a bus at 6:00 a.m. with member's of Jim's HOG group. At the last minute, we had decided to go with them to NYC on Saturday. It was a long day for sure and from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. we explored Ground Zero, Soho, Times Square and a little Rockefeller Center, did some bull-riding at Johnny Utah's and made some great new friends.

The World Trade Center site of course is under construction still. It was good to be there looking at all the pictures and quotes of those who experienced 9/11 firsthand. The tourguides were two amazing women, one who almost lost her husband on that horrific day and the other who actually did. We got to experience firsthand their emotions and thoughts as the event happened and the aftermath. It was so surprising to hear about the amount of assistance that was provided to the families of the victims from all over the world and for the first time, I was aware of just how much the event touched everyone on this planet. It was also amazing to find out that many immediate events surrounding 9/11 actually contributed to a smaller amount of people in those two towers than what normally would be there at that time of day. Only a couple of hours separated the loss of 3,000 and 17,000 or more. I can't believe it has been almost 10 years since the event. It still seems like yesterday.

We struck out walking back from The World Trade Center site through Soho but it was too cold so we ended up on the subway. We had stopped in Soho at a little tea bar and had appetizers and some spiced red wine which definitely warmed us up!

As it was getting dark, we arrived in Times Square. All the lights and flash were great to see in person! You can't look anywhere without being overwhelmed by the stacks of advertisements and lights on the buildings. We stopped at the Marriott Marquis hoping to have food and drinks at The View, which I think was up around the 48th floor, but we had to settle for drinks in the Atrium lobby which was fantastic anyway!

From there, we headed off to Johnny Utah's where others from the group were meeting for drinks and food. We ran out of time and had to head back to the bus pick-up location but not before taking in some really funny bull-riding! I've never seen bull-riding at a bar before and it was hysterical. Some of these guys were really talented riders including Jim!

It was a fun day, meeting some new friends and exploring NYC. Next time we will determine ahead of time what we want to see and where we want to go. There is so much and it can't be condensed into one day there. With another cup of coffee, I might be able to get something done in the studio. Cheers!